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Whether you’re walking over empty pastureland or galloping along a snowy coastline: you can take your horse out whenever the sun shines. Snow and wind make no difference when you have heated equine wear.

    1. Wear suitable clothing
      You need to have your horse completely under control, whatever the season. With that in mind, you need clothing that keeps you warm without hampering your movement.
      The cold can tense you up. As a result, you will be more susceptible to muscle injuries and more likely to fall from your horse.
      Wearing heated clothing when horse riding reduces your risk of injury and ensures you remain supple when galloping

    2. Take in plenty of fluids
      Remember to keep your body hydrated. Drink water, tea or soft drinks regularly. You may not feel the effects immediately, but you burn a great many calories and perspire a lot when riding your horse in the cold.
      Both you and your horse need to drink plenty to replace those lost fluids.

    3. Plan your route
      Avoid ice or slippery surfaces. Don’t put your horse at risk of falling. Map out your route before you leave home and make sure it’s not too long.

    4. Listen to your horse
      Winter is a tough season for your horse too. If your animal spends the winter in the stable, it’s better not to go out for a long time. 
      Horses that do get a run out in winter have to work much harder at low temperatures. You should always listen to your horse and make sure you don’t go too far. Never drive your horse to exhaustion.

    5. Warm up
      It’s a good idea to do a few simple warm-up exercises before going out with your horse. Do a little cycling or walking to loosen up. Heated equine wear can also greatly reduce the risk of injury.

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  • Best prices
  • 1 – 7 working days delivery time
  • Global free shipping above €300
  • Guaranteed customer service