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You can hit the road on your motorcycle at any time of the year. Riding in Belgian weather is good practice for slippery roads. So how do you prepare your journey? What should you find out before you go, what should you take and what are the best destinations for motorcyclists?

Preparation is everything.

The rules of the road are different over the border. Especially outside Europe. So spending lots of time on the road is the best way to prepare. Make sure you are completely familiar with your motorcycle and take her out in all weathers.

Have your motorcycle checked a few days before you leave. That will give you peace of mind that everything is working perfectly and you won’t be slowed down by engine trouble.

Find out what the rules of the road are for motorcycles in the countries you’ll be visiting. There’s a convenient list for each European country on the Touring website.

I’m taking my motorcycle with me.

So what else are you taking? There’s little storage space, so it’ll be a challenge to pack the right clothing, kit and necessities for your journey. Go for compact clothing that takes up little space but still keeps you warm.

Take regular breaks to stretch your legs and get something to eat and drink. You can pack water and snacks for the road in a rucksack.

Divide the rest of your stuff over both sides of your motorcycle. You have to keep it in perfect balance at all times.

What are the ideal countries for motorcyclists?

In Germany the Eifel is particularly popular among motorcycle riders, but there are other mountainous regions that are just as breathtaking.

Switzerland and Austria also offer some gorgeous winter scenery.

Like to find some less well-travelled roads? Iceland may be just what you’re looking for. A country of pristine nature where you can even wade through rivers on your motorcycle. Tip: Take some knee-high boots and heated insoles with you!

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  • Best prices
  • 1 – 7 working days delivery time
  • Global free shipping above €300
  • Guaranteed customer service