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Whether your goal is keeping fit or enjoying the scenery – in winter you need to wrap up warm. Seven tips for staying healthy all through the season.

  1. Warm up
    It’s also essential to warm up properly before you train. The rule for cyclists is: start slowly or do your warming up before you get on your cycle.
  2. Drink and eat
    Just like in hot weather, you need to take in a lot of fluids when you’re cycling. You feel less thirsty when the temperature is low, but you burn just as many calories – maybe more even. Hydrate your body and eat before you start to ensure you have plenty of fuel on board.
  3. Cover your head
    A lot of your body heat escapes from your head. Wearing a hat under your helmetkeeps some of that heat in, so your body cools down less quickly.
  4. Warm hands
    You have to be able to change gear fast on a steep incline. When the temperature is hovering around freezing point, without a good pair of gloves your hands will be chilled to the bone. Heated cycle gloves keep your hands warm for up to six hours. The intermediate thermal layers prevent heat from escaping, too. You will no longer have a tingling sensation – or even pain – in your hands, so you’ll have no trouble changing gear.
  5. Woollen socks
    Poor blood circulation can leave you with cold feet. You should also wear woollen socks. Our heated socks and insoles for cyclists are the perfect winter wear. The insoles fit in any type of footwear, including special cycling shoes.
  6. Avoid wet clothes
    Waterproof cycle wear that can keep out the wind is a must in winter. If you cycle in wet clothes you will catch a cold. It’s advisable to change into dry clothes as soon as you get home.
  7. Warm down
    You should warm down after cycling with some stretching exercises. Don’t make it too intense and never stretch cold muscles. You don’t want to pull something, do you?

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  • Best prices
  • 1 – 7 working days delivery time
  • Global free shipping above €300
  • Guaranteed customer service